Low carbon

Low carbon

Cartons are a low carbon packaging choice. The trees used to make cartons absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, helping to combat climate change.

Beverage cartons, on average, are made from 75% wood fibre, which comes from trees in responsibly managed forests. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) in order to grow through a process called photosynthesis, so responsibly managed forests are in a good position to help combat climate change.

When trees photosynthesise they combine CO2, water and light to make food and build stores of energy. During this process they release oxygen – which is the reason forests are called the ‘lungs of the earth’.

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Beverage carton recycling in the UK

  • Total no. of
  • Local authorities collecting
    354 (93%)
  • Local authorities collecting cartons from kerbside 250 (66%)
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