Other reprocessing solutions (non UK)

Local authorities collect recycling in different ways, depending on the type of collection vehicle used, the sorting facilities available and price paid for the recyclable materials by the reprocessor.

In some Local Authority areas beverage cartons are collected with card, leaving higher grade newspapers and magazines to be collected separately for recycling back into paper.  The card and beverage carton mix is then sold as a different grade fibre and the beverage cartons may be further sorted from the card by a third party to maximise the value, before being sold on the open market.

Alternatively, paper, card and beverage cartons can be collected as a mixed waste stream, which is baled and sold on the open market as mixed fibre for the best price available.  This is then generally exported to India or China for recycling where the mills pulp the material and recycle it into new paper and board.
While all these methods are valid and environmentally beneficial, the very best solution is to collect beverage cartons in a single stream and send them to be recycled here in the UK at the new carton recycling facility.

ACE UK has a dedicated recycling team which provides advice and support to organisations to help them develop the most sustainable recycling solutions for beverage cartons. If you want to find out more, please contact the ACE UK recycling team (Tel: 01606 530320, Email:

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