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ACE UK works with a number of local authorities and Community Recycling Networks (CRNs) to set up carton collection schemes, with the result that 92% of UK local authorities now offer a carton collection service – either from the kerbside or through the industry’s own bring bank system (see our interactive map to find out which local authorities collect beverage cartons for recycling).

Although cartons do not make up a substantial percentage of household waste (in fact they only make up 0.2% of it), they are a visible part of the waste stream and it is likely that most residents use them regularly.

By offering carton collection, local authorities can:

Plus, in Summer 2012, ACE UK signed an agreement with coreboard and tube producer, Sonoco Alcore, to establish the UK’s only beverage carton reprocessing facility at its UK plant in Stainland, West Yorkshire, bringing further benefits for local authorities. These include creating a local market for used beverage cartons which could encourage diverting material from landfill and avoiding landfill tax, gate fees and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the Stainland mill provides an opportunity for local authorities to reduce road and rail miles travelled by beverage cartons for recycling. This project is interesting to those local authorities and waste management companies who prefer a defined recycling route for their cartons. 

To help establish carton recycling in the UK, ACE UK has a dedicated recycling team offering advice and support for local authorities and community recycling networks (CRN) wishing to collect cartons. If you work for a local authority or CRN and want to find out more about how to start collecting cartons at kerbside, please contact the ACE UK recycling team (Tel: 01606 530320, Email: who will be able to talk you through the process and answer your questions.

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Beverage carton recycling in the UK

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  • Local authorities collecting cartons from kerbside 259 (66%)
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