Schools and businesses

As well as working closely with local authorities to increase beverage carton recycling, ACE UK has created a system to help schools, other education establishments and businesses to set up a collection solution.

While local authorities are normally responsible for collecting school waste, ACE UK has developed a simple system which allows schools and businesses to link directly into their local contractor to recycle their cartons. It is available at locations throughout the UK – please email for further information.

Benefits of school collection schemes

Just some of the benefits ACE UK has identified in setting up successful beverage carton collection schemes at schools include:

Costs involved

ACE UK is partly subsidising this project, although, unfortunately, it cannot provide a cost neutral service. To understand the costs involved in getting cartons collected from your school or business, please email On your behalf we will find out:

If there is not a contractor collecting cartons in your area currently, we will store your details and email you when we have identified one.

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Beverage carton recycling in the UK

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  • Local authorities collecting
    361 (92%)
  • Local authorities collecting cartons from kerbside 254 (65%)
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