ACE UK Bring Banks now accept paper containers with metal ends

Earlier this year we announced we were extending the materials accepted by our Bring Banks in partnership with Sonoco Consumer Products. Since March, all our Bring Banks have accepted paper containers with metal ends (such as Pringles tubes), alongside food and drink cartons and both materials are sent our dedicated recycling facility in Stainland, West Yorkshire, for recycling.

The re-labelling of our recycling points throughout the UK to clearly show these new materials, is now complete – please click here to find your nearest site. We have also been delighted to see many Local Authorities promoting this new service to local residents, using our communication materials.

Commenting on the agreement, Richard Hands, CEO of ACE UK said: “Our primary focus remains on increasing food and drink carton recycling, but our Bring Bank network and the expertise and experience we have developed has delivered a solution for paper containers with metal ends, helping to create a step change in recycling for these products.”

Promotional templates are still available so if you would like to publicise the service in your area (where applicable), please get in touch with our recycling team on 01606 530 320 or email: