Consistent collections and carton recycling

We are all eagerly awaiting DEFRA’s response to the second phase of consultations regarding changes the Environment Bill will introduce.  Food and drink cartons are almost certain to be included in England’s core materials for collection from 2023. For those Local Authorities that will be adding cartons to recycling collections, now is the time to prepare!

At ACE UK, we are happy to work with you and your contractors to develop your options on both collection of cartons and sending them for recycling at our dedicated facility, here in the UK.

As we are anticipating a significant increase in carton volumes being sent to our recycling facility, we are already investigating options to increase capacity.

This aligns with the ACE Roadmap to 2030, under which the food and drink carton industry commits to take action on all parts of the industry value chain, from sustainable sourcing to climate impact and recycling.

See more about the industry 2030 Roadmap here and to find out more about carton recycling, please don’t hesitate to contact our recycling team on 01606 530 320 or email: